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Payroll Year-End 2017: Ensure Your Reports Are Correct & Compliant


Webinar Recording

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The 2017 IRS changes affecting your year-end payroll reporting creates new difficulties - and potential inaccuracies. Any errors in reporting will result in costly penalties.

Get up-to-date with the latest changes to ensure your company's 2017 year-end payroll reporting is correct, complete and filed on time during this high-impact webinar. You'll also get tips on preparing for 2018 changes. Join us to discover:

  • Best practices to W-2 reporting: Keys to stay compliant in 2017
  • Overview of changes from the Social Security Administration
  • ACA reporting: What we learned & what changes to anticipate for 2017
  • A complete year-end checklist for your payroll reporting compliance

Program Highlights

  • Year-End Payroll Form & Reporting Requirements: Staying IRS Compliant

    • Gathering, calculating and reconciling W-2s: A step-by-step guide
    • IRS Reporting Concerns for 2017 and beyond: From W-2s to Form 941
    • Ensuring employee name and SSN verification: Avoid IRS Penalties
  • Be IRS Audit Ready: What Your Payroll Department Needs to Do Now!

    • Fringe benefits: Taxation & reporting requirements to stay compliant
    • What IRS says about prizes, awards, and gifts to employees
    • Keys to handling payments to Board members
    • An employee has sued - managing the settlement payment
  • Payroll in 2017: Know the Changes So you Can Be Prepared

    • Payroll's healthcare reform duties: Forms 1095-C and 1094-C
    • Tips for addressing problem areas with ACA 1094/1095
    • Reporting requirements for an employee that has passed away
  • Live Q&A Session - Have your 2017 Year-End Payroll questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Steven Mercatante is the principal and founder of TIR Consulting, LLC. He is a nationally recognized leader in tax reporting education and consulting on specialized compliance issues. He has conducted on-site consultation for corporate clients from across the world and led countless seminars and webinars for Convey Compliance Systems, IAPP, Balance Consulting, The Accounts Payable Network, and Accounts Payable Now and Tomorrow.

  • Mr. Mercatante is a published author, with numerous articles published on tax and financial law, and he has authored and published a series of tax guides on topics such as: W-9/1099 & W-8/1042-S compliance and reporting, payment cards, U.S. State & Local Reporting, worker compensation issues, international tax compliance, and more.
  • Prior to specializing in regulatory law, Steven's legal experience concentrated on corporate and transactional matters, civil litigation, and probate and estate matters.

Program Benefits

Join us for this live, 60-minute webinar to discover straightforward solutions to navigate the complex issues that impact your 2017 year-end and the beginning of 2017 payroll.